Partin Bastan


Professional Sculptor (Both traditional and digital ) Award:
Special Commendation from the jury of XIV Florence Biennale "Lorenzo il Magnifico" Award - ART
Associate member of Iranian Artist in the Sculptors Society
Associate member of Iranian Art Credit Fund

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About Me

Expert in stone carving, modeling in water based clay and carving in stone or casting in Bronze, teaching, community cohesion using art and artist for development and peace.

From an early age, I was very interested in painting and handicrafts, and with my mother's encouragement, I drew my thoughts on paper. From the age of five until I was a teenager I learned blacksmithing from my father, and even after many years, I still benefit from the experiences of that time in my profession (sculpture). As a child, I was very interested in the environment and animals, and I made a collection of bird and fish bones for myself. From an early age, I was interested in the anatomy and body structures of living things, and I read books on paleontology and zoology with great pleasure and wonder. My interest in biology and paleontology has been very effective in making my characters and ideas. Over time, I became proficient in recording my mindset as drawing on paper and then executing it as a volume. I am a self-taught artist and have not been academically trained. Before making any sculpture, I do a lot of research on the character of my sculptures in order to establish a deep connection with my work and give spirit and feeling to my artworks.

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From Jun 2014 To Present

(9 Years 4 Months)



Sculpting is the art of touching and getting away from the world around me, uniting in the present time and realizing my dreams

From Jun 2014 To Oct 2023

(9 Years and 3 Month)

My Sculpture Gallery (Iran)

My Own Sculpture Gallery

Weekly Workshops and educational programs for my students

From 2006 To 2014

(9 Years)

Digital sculpting & Painting

Digital Art (Self-employed)

3D modeling and digital concept designing & 2D digital painting for posters and magazines